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Grass Seed & Sod Installation near Detroit, Michigan

Express Outdoor Services is the go-to lawn care contractor for all your lawn needs! Our team of professionals are dedicated to providing the most effective maintenance and care possible for your lawn, from grass seeding and sod installation to general lawn care and maintenance. Let us help you create a healthy and vibrant green lawn that will be thriving for years to come.


Grass Seed

Our grass seeding services provide a low-cost and efficient alternative to laying sod. We use high quality seed and hay mat to prevent erosion problems and ensure successful germination. Our grass seeding services are a great low-maintenance option for any lawn, providing lush green grass without the cost and hassle of sod.


SOD/ Grass Installation

Our sod installation service is the perfect way to quickly and easily get a lush, green lawn. We'll remove any old sod and make sure the soil is level and graded correctly before laying down your choice of many different grass options. With fast, professional installation, you can have a beautiful lawn in no time.



Offers the perfect combination of landscaping enhancements to transform your outdoor space. From plants, decorative gravel, stone, shrubs and trees, we have everything you need to give your backyard a fresh and inviting look.

How Can We Help ?

Find out what works best to support your property needs with a team of dedicated experts here to help you every step of the way. 

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