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Complexity Of Commercial Landscaping

Your ideal partner for all your commercial landscape needs. Extensive experience and knowledge in design, development, maintenance, and seasonal enhancements to ensure an aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces.

Patio Paver & Retaining Wall 

Brick pavers are a great way to add curb appeal as well as provides an alternative to a cement or asphalt driveway, walkway, patios, courtyards and parking areas.  Apart from just looking great, it also outlives the typical life span of a cement or asphalt pad, saving thousands on repair or full replacement cost.

Unlike cement and asphalt, brick pavers withstand the test of time, require less maintenance and in the unfortunate event a few bricks ever crack or shift, individual pavers can be replaced with minimal effort and cost. They also come in a variety of color, sizes and styles to fit any project's needs.

Retaining walls can be a great option for structural or esthetic design. Mainly used for the retention of soil in the creation of accessible turf areas, flower beds, hillsides embankments and elevated structural patios.

Unlike typical wood or block retaining walls that tend to crack or collapsed over time due to inadequate installation and drainage.


Uni-Lock has helped evolve installation and drainage techniques substantially since then and is now a crucial component to the longevity and structural integrity of any retaining wall. Blocks are also offered if variety of color, shapes and sizes that can be integrated into any existing surrounding design.  

Grading/ Soil Correction 

Soil composition and grade/slope can play a huge role in many issues around your property. Weather you desire to have new grass installed or pooling water issues; both can be resolved with proper grading.


The adding or removal of dirt can dramatically improve water shed and overall grass health while saving thousand on costly interior waterproof repairs.


Also offering installation, repair and re-grade of  driveways/private roadways. 

Custom Outdoor Spaces

Experience the great outdoors in style and comfort! Help us make your dream outdoor living space a reality.  


We offer full outdoor customization to make the most of any space while adding value and functionality.

Creating modern spaces perfect for hosting your next big event or sit around a firepit with family and friends. 


We go the extra mile by creating a 3D  rendering of your finished project to help you gain an additional point of refrence ...... all before we even break ground. 

How Can We Help ?

Find out how to get a customized lawn care plan to support your goals and a team of experts dedicated to your property needs.

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