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Property Cleanup near Detroit, Michigan

Get Your Property In Tip-Top Shape For The Season with Express Services' Hassle-Free Property Cleanup


Leaf Removal 

Express Services is the perfect choice for all your property cleanup needs with fall around the corner! Our fast and efficient pick-up and haul away services make it easy to clear away all the leaves and debris from your property.


Weed Control

Providing professional weed control services that control unwanted weeds on concrete driveways, sidewalks, patios, pavers, plant beds, and rock beds. Our experienced team will quickly and efficiently rid your space of any unwelcome grass and weeds.


Debris Removal 

Offering fast and effective debris removal services for all your needs! Whether it's fallen branches from storms, regular yard maintenance, or anything else you need picked up, our team is here to quicky and efficiently remove whatever debris you need.

How Can We Help ?

Find out how to customize your clean-up plan to support your property needs witha team of experts dedicated to helping you.

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